Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28th, 2012 (pics)

(I already wrote a post for today but of course I did it on my phone... which froze and had to be restarted. So now I have to write it over again. But I'm doing it from my laptop this time so there shouldn't be any more technical problems.)

We are still continuing to receive good news! Blake's head ultrasound results came back last night and we were told that the small amount of bleeding that he had in his brain is actually starting to get absorbed back into the tissue which will make it as if there never was bleeding in the first place. This was great news to hear!

He's still doing really well without the ventilator. He he does have a nasal cannula which is just supplemental oxygen just in case he forgets to breath or it becomes irregular. He has been doing really well breathing on his own though which of course is more great news.

I happen to be there while his bedside nurse came in to clean and replace his nasal cannula so I was able to help contain him and keep him calm. He lets out the sweetest little cries now! It melts my heart to hear him but it also breaks my heart not being able to do anything for him. I can't wait till he gets older and more stable so that I can be more hands on with him. He does have a mini pacifier that he can use when he gets a little fussy. After he was all done getting his new cannula, he was given the pacifier for a bit but had it taken away after awhile because he sometimes forgets to breathe and the oxygen from the cannula would have to kick in to remind him.

But other than that, all looks well! Patrick and I went to see him again this evening and he was SO alert. The nurse had just started doing his 'care' (diaper change, temperature, measurements,  weight, etc.) and when we peeked inside his bed, his eyes were wide awake and looking around at everything! He just starred at me for basically the whole 'care' session. Almost as if he were trying to match my face with the voice he heard while he was in my belly. Such a curious little guy!

 I was able to jump right in and help with all the 'care' activities and when I was changing the diaper, I noticed that the drainage tube in his lower abdomen was taken out quite a bit. The nurse informed us that the surgeon pulled it out a little bit and that he may possibly be taking it out tomorrow or at least here real soon. I still get a little woozy when I see his drain. I have such a weak stomach but its a strange feeling when you are fighting the urge to look away and yet you are wanting to help your child and just want to suck up your fears. Even though the drain is scary to me, I'm just so glad that he has doctors and nurses who stay on top of all and take excellent care of him.

The fact that he is doing so well is such a blessing. The neonatal specialist who gave me all the scary and disheartening statistics when I first got emitted to the hospital came in today with the rest of the doctors during the daily rounds.  And let me tell you, this man crushed our spirits when we arrived at Thunderbird. I know he didn't do it intentionally (in fact its his job to be straight forward with us) but the numbers and statistics that came out of his mouth killed me. He made me believe that my baby didn't have a chance and that we needed to prepare ourselves for the worst. So you can imagine how I felt today when he came in and used words like 'exceptional', 'fantastic', 'fabulous' and he even threw in 'he's a little stud muffin'. The fact that when we first met, his job was to be realistic with me and not sugar coat the situation and now here he was being oh so positive really lifted my spirits and made me realize what a little trooper Blake is. He is a fighter and I've said it all along. Even in my womb, I could tell he was a strong little guy. These last few days have given me so much to be thankful for and I feel very optimistic for my little boy's future.

Blake will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. So hard to believe that he's been here for 2 weeks. Time has gone by pretty quickly and I'm hoping that it continues to fly by. I keep counting down the days until December because I just can't wait to bring him home!

13 days old

Such a trooper!
A quick look at his handsome face without all the tubes

His mini-passy. So tiny!

All cozy sucking his passy after getting his new cannula tubes

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