Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23rd, 2012

Blake is still doing really well. There isn't really any new updates. But hey, no news is better than bad news so I'm not complaining.

Patrick and I took Ashton to see him for the first time this afternoon. I was kind of nervous about it. Ashton can get pretty loud and I was worried about him waking up all the babies in the NICU, but he was more entertained by where we were and didn't fuss too much. When we walked into Blake's room, it was pretty dark. Patrick held Ashton up so he could take a peek at Blake but since it was nice and dark in his ventilator I don't think he really saw his brother in there. He seemed curious though! He kept leaning over and trying to figure out what was in the big plastic box. Anytime he would start to get loud I would whisper "We gotta be quiet, baby is sleeping". Ashton would whisper back "ah babys shhh". So cute. I don't think he really knows what a baby is because he has always been the "baby".

But other than Ashton's little visit with his little brother, nothing else really happened today. They did put Blake on his belly for the first time today and he looked so comfortable all nestled in his nest of blankets. Plus, with that terribly bright light off, he didn't need his little eye mask on so I bet that helped make him a bit more comfortable. He has been off his blood pressure medication for the last 2 days and has been doing great maintaining it himself. They are still trying to wean the ventilator but that could take awhile. In order to remove the tube in his mouth, air would be blown into his belly and with the drain and him still trying to heal, it wouldn't be a good idea. He is making progress and I couldn't be happier. We've had two good days in a row and I am praying for many more.

Saying "hello" to his little brother for the first time.

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