Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27th, 2012

Blake made another milestone yesterday! Patrick and I came in and not only were both eyes open, but they took out the ventilator tube! I can't remember what its called but he does have nasal tubes just in case he does stop breathing on his own. But they have said he is doing great without the ventilator!

When I came in this morning, I noticed that he had a little pacifier in his bed. The nurse said that he really likes to suck on it, or he'll suck on his tiny fingers. He is learning how to self soothe which is also a good thing. With that big ol' ventilator tube out of his mouth and throat he has all kinds of new things to do. He yawns all the time, or I've heard him make squeaky noises a few times. Blake is definitely getting more accustomed to his surroundings, and is vert curious. Any time we lift the blanket that is over his bed, he'll peek open his eyes to see where the light is coming from.
I was told Blake had his follow up head ultrasound but we are still waiting for the results. I think I may have mentioned in a previous post about how he had a small amount of bleeding in the right side of his brain. There was such a small amount that the doctors weren't even worried because usually the blood will just absorb back into his blood stream. But this is just a routine check up to make sure that the bleeding didn't expand.

The blue discoloration in his belly is starting to go away. The doctor who put the drain in came to check on him yesterday to see if he could go ahead and pull it out but there was a little drainage making its way out still so he left it in. He came in again today but I haven't talked to any of the doctors yet so I really don't know what the verdict was. But overall, the nurse said he's doing great!

I keep praying that Blake keeps progressing like he has been. The next big step for him is to see if he tolerates feedings in a few weeks or so. That will indicate whether or not he has more serious issues with his intestines. But we are optimistic since he's been doing so well.

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