Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sept. 13th, 2012

Good news! Blake started feedings Tuesday. They are starting with a very small amount. He's only getting two cc's every 6 hours but its enough to see how his belly takes food. And from the looks of it so far, he's been taking the feedings pretty well.

The nurses adjusted his breathing tube. He has been having some issues with the ventilator and they didn't know why so they did an xray to see what may be going on. Sure enough his breathing tube was a little high. After some adjusting, his numbers stayed more stable.

He's still doing really well. A few tweaks and adjustments here and there but nothing abnormal or vital.

I did have a little mishap with Blake's bedside nurse yesterday that I wasn't too thrilled about. It was a nurse we have never had before and she just didn't seem very friendly off the bat. She really only spoke to me when I asked a question and that was about it. Well, what had happened was she stepped out and was in a room with another baby. Blake's bedside alarm went off and another nurse came in to check on him. By the time his nurse came back, she was real snooty like she was annoyed that the other nurse came in. The other one apologized and said "i didnt mean to get under your feet" and instead of smiling or being friendly, she just rolled her eyes at her. That was my first clue that she wasn't quite as nice as all the other nurses we've had. They both left the room and a bit later his alarm went off again. The not-so-friendly nurse came back in the room and as she opened the door she says "Jesus Christ!" As if she was frustrated or annoyed. I was shocked. She didn't even turn to apologize for what she said. I felt a little irritated because here I am, a mother who has to trust these people to take care of my child because I can't and then she goes and comes in all flustered like my son is inconveniencing her. Needless to say, I spoke with the floor manager and asked that we do not get this nurse again. I'm sorry but I shouldnt have to deal with a professional who has an attitude. It's uncalled for. After being reprimanded, she later came in and apologized. I'm a forgiving person but I just don't think I can get over her distasteful words. I don't want someone who openly shows her frustrations at work caring for my child.

Other than that, we had a pretty uneventful day. Besides the beast of a nurse I dealt with yesterday, all the staff at Thunderbird have been beyond amazing. I just hope that's the only issue that arises with the staff.

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