Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9th, 2012

I really should try to stay on top of this blog but I have no clue where this passed week has gone! So much has happened and all for the better. But where to begin?!

For starters, the last post I wrote was talking about how he got the meningitis from the Group B Strep bacteria. Well, After several days of thinking he got it from me his doctor kindly informed me that there was no possible way that he got it from me. The doc said that I was on plenty of antibiotics when I was in the hospital which would have taken care of that bacteria if I had it AND he would have gotten sick within the first week after birth. Doc explained to me that GBS is everywhere. Blake could have gotten it from someone touching a doorknob or a table, or even from someone with a slight cough or cold. As relieved as I was to know that it wasn't from me, it makes me all the more worried about him getting sick in the future. I've never been much of a germaphobe but you can bet that I will be now!

Blake is doing 1000x better than he was last week. He is completely off the oxygen and he is taking full feeds by bottle! It is absolutely amazing to see his precious little face without a single tube or tape on it! For nearly four months my poor baby has had some sort of tubing on his face. I must say it was a little strange seeing him without it all. It was like seeing a man who has always had a beard, shave it all off. It took an hour or two to get used to it but I absolutely love his adorable little cheeks! Seeing his naked face just reminds me of how far he as actually come since he was born. He is such a little trooper!

The infection is gone. They did another lumbar puncture to make sure that there were not any signs of infection left and his antibiotics will be done on the 14th! Little Blake seemed to have gotten better just as quickly as he had gotten sick. Thank goodness that it was taken care of as soon as it was.

There has been no word on when they can expect Blake to come home yet. But I don't see him being there much longer. The only things that need to happen before he goes home are for the antibiotics to be done, to get a head ultrasound which is scheduled for tomorrow, for him to pass the car seat test and to re-do his hearing test. The car seat test is where they let him sit in the seat for about 30 minutes to see if he desatts or has a drop in his heart rate. And the hearing test needs to be re done because the antibiotics that he was given in the beginning can effect hearing. I am hoping that he will be home shortly after his antibiotics are complete but we shall see! Blake has given us many surprises since he has been born so I can never be sure about anything!
After all this baby has been through, he deserves to SMILE!

Enjoying his bath.

Tube free face!

I absolutely adore him.

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