Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29th, 2012

It has been a yucky few days. Christmas came and left and all that remains is the coughs, stuffy noses and ear infections. LUCKILY, Blake doesn't have any of the above. It started with Ashton, then Patrick got it, and even though I quarantined Blake and I in my room and guarded the door with a can of Lysol, I still managed to get sick. That's twice this month that I have gotten some sort of bug and I never get sick! Thank goodness my mother in law went unscathed as far as germs go and has been able to take over baby duty while we get better. I have been a nervous wreck about Blake getting sick so even though it kills me not being able to care for him, I'm just glad I can keep the germs away from him by keeping myself away from him. My symptoms seem to be easing up, Ashton is on antibiotics for his ear infection and Patrick went to the doctor again this morning to see if he can get something for himself. So hopefully this house will be sicky germ-free soon.

Aside from all that, Blake has been doing great. He loves to be loved. You could hold him all day and he would just be in heaven. But after four months of being in a NICU bed and being poked and prodded all the time, I think he deserves to get whatever he wants. Even if that means he wants to be held 24/7. Thank goodness for the Moby Wrap that I recently bought! It will definitely come in handy. We have been busy setting up appointment after appointment. Between the home health nurse, developmental therapists, pulmonary specialists, the clinic for his synagis shots and of course his pediatrician, we have a busy schedule for the upcoming months. But it is so worth it. It is very comforting knowing that we have so many eyes on watch for Blake.

Not much else has been going on. Just us trying to battle these nasty colds. Can't wait for the day when we are all better and won't have to worry about breathing or touching Blake. I am not very happy that a week after getting Blake home, we all get sick. Not how I planned but of course, nothing ever goes as planned! As long as Blake doesn't catch anything, then I am happy.

Blake has an appointment with his pediatrician on Wednesday for a weight check so I will update you guys then to inform you with how much he has grown! I feel like he has gotten so much bigger just in this last week! He finally fits in newborn clothes. Some of the little outfits are a little too long or a little too wide but we have found a few NB outfits that fit just right. That all on its own is a milestone. When Blake was born at only 1 and a half pounds, it was hard to picture him in regular baby clothes. And here we are finally able to start putting him in Ashton's old clothes! I love that he continues to grow and grow. Such a little miracle baby!

Our first picture as a family of four <3


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