Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 14, 2012

According to the pregnancy app that I still have on my phone, Blake would be due in just about 50 days. And Blake's doctor is aiming to get him home by his due date. Just 50 days!! I love seeing that number just dwindle away. Thankfully, these past two months have gone by without me even noticing. Between chasing Ashton at home, spending time with Blake in the NICU and squeezing in all my other responsibilities here and there I've lost track of the days. Before I know it, It's time for bed and I start it all over the following morning. As exhausted as I have been from being on the go, go, go, I'm just so thankful that time doesn't seem to be dragging by.

There really isn't any new news on Blake. He's still doing great. He gained an ounce last night so his new weight is 2 lbs 12 oz. Hopefully he can keep a steady weight gain these next few weeks. That is the only thing they are really focused on . He is finally at 21% oxygen on the vapotherm and has been for the last few days. They want to start weaning the pressure soon but they are waiting a bit because they want him to save him energy and use it to grow and instead of using his energy on working harder to breathe on his own. The pressure is at 5.0 right now.

The other night marked a small yet exciting milestone. When Patrick and I walked into Blake's NICU room, his nurse was holding up a teeny little sleeper. "I think he's ready for some clothes, don't you agree?" His nurse said as we walked in. I was so excited! I had a cheesy grin for the rest of the evening because I couldn't get over how cute he was all dressed up. Even though it may not seem to be a big deal, it really was for me. Blake being able to wear clothes makes me feel like we are another step closer to the finish line.

Trying to find where my voice is coming from

Daddy helping hold while the nurse changes his bedding

First time wearing clothes!

I just love his little face!

Snuggling with daddy

Sleepy Head

Love moments like this

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